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A moisturising facial to increase the ability of the epidermis to create water reserves, and protect skin cells against processes that lead to dehydration.


A facial perfect for any age, protect the lipid content and firmness of the skin, ensuring constant nourishment and protection.


Specifically developed for skin with a tendency to develop acne, by controlling sebaceous secretion leaving the skin fresh while preventing and reducing excess sebum, shiny skin and dilated pores.

VINTAGE SOOTHING 60 mins | $99

A sweet relief for sensitive and delicate skin, with its excellent softening restoring properties, this facial provides comfort and freshness to the skin, increasing its resistance and tolerance against external aggressions.


The optimum anti-aging facial, the Lifting Code uses a selection of natural formulas that combine a tightening and filling effect with a cosmetic bio-revitalizing and elasticizing one to enhance facial features and restore them to their original beauty.


The perfect peeling facial for advance cellular turnover, using latest generation active ingredients and innovative formulas, effectively aid the exfoliating, renovating and illuminating action to complete restoration of fresh skin.


An anti-aging facial for all skin types, the intraceuticals anti-aging infusion uses all natural amino acids targeting areas of facial muscle contractions, smoothing out the appearance of fine lines and the depth of wrinkles without the invasion of needles.

PEARL FACIAL 60 mins | $95

With powerful brightening ingredients, the pearl facial reduces the transfer of melanin to the skin. Enriched with natural minerals, amino acids, and proteins, this facial aids in diminishing dark patches leaving your skin beautifully brightened and smooth.


Micro-Dermabrasion is a medical cosmetic technique that uses a diamond tip for a deeper exfoliation to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells from the epidermis. It is a non-invasive procedure and helps to decrease the appearance of superficial hyperpigmentation as well as diminish fine lines and acne scarring.

Paying no or less attention to the face skin can take its toll every soon and you will appear much older than your age. By having facial and bleaching done, you can maintain the health and wellness of your face skin. Instead of trying at home, come to RoopRani hair and beauty salon and pamper yourself. We have the skills and cosmetic products that are gentle and soothing for your skin.

Our facial massage technique will pamper and help you relax. We use natural substances and are popular for our facial service in Melbourne, CBD. Try facial and bleaching in our salon, and feel light and get glowing skin.


Full Face Bleach | $35

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Body Treatments

DETOX MUD WRAP 60 mins | $120

A detoxifying wrap to help relieve the body of any unwanted toxins and stress. Pair with a Dead Sea Salt Scrub and a relaxation massage for the most indulgent treatment. Regular wraps can also aid in weight loss.

DEAD SEA BODY SCRUB 45 mins | $80

A relaxing full body exfoliation using the salts enriched with minerals from the Dead Sea. Can be hot towelled off or paired with a detoxifying mud wrap and a relaxation massage for the most indulgent treatment.


60 min | $120

The Bodyology Microcurrent Body system uses WaveForm technology and Specific Frequency Signatures that communicate with the muscles via the neuromuscular pathways. It is safe, non-invasive, involves no pain or downtime.

Microcurrent is the closest thing to the body’s natural electrical system. We work with one millionth of an amp to speed up what the body does naturally, enhancing its ability to work with your muscles.

All Bodyology treatments will need to be booked in for a consultation before the commencement of your first treatment.

Body Treatments Southbank

Improving appearance of skin and make it firm require exfoliation. It is also necessary to keep the skin hydrated as far as possible, which can be achieved by detoxifying your body at regular intervals. RoopRani hair & beauty salon offers body scrub treatment that can trigger cell renewal, mitigate damage to the skin by sunburn and other toxins ingested, and make your skin tighter.

You can also take our body sculpting treatment to burn down the fat deposits from any body parts. It is a safe treatment whereby you can improve the size and shape of that body parts for which therapy is given. So, all your needs of getting rid of fat deposits, unwanted toxins, and reclaiming the previous looks are possible with us.

Hair Services

Wash & Blow Wave $50 $60 $70
Cut, Wash & Blow Wave $65 $75 $85
Fringe Trim Only $12 $12 $12
Men’s Standard Wash & Cut $27 $27 $27
Men’s Cut with Fade & Styling $40 $40 $40
Full Head Colour $90 $110 $130
Regrowth $75 $75 $75
Half Head of Foils $100 $130 $160
Full Head of Foils $120 $150 $180
Hair Toner (with colour service) $35 $35 $35
Hair Toner (without colour service) $40 $50 $60
Full Head Henna Application $75 $85 $95
Up Styling $70 $80 $90
Protein Treatment (with another service) $35 $35 $35
Protein Treatment (without another service) $65 $65 $65
Colour Hold Treatment (with another service) $35 $35 $35
Colour Hold Treatment (without another service) $65 $65 $65
Tape Extensions Refit (per hour) *Excluding new hair $100 $100 $100
Micro Beads Refit (per hour) *Excluding new hair $100 $100 $100
Micro Weft Refit (per hour) *Excluding new hair $100 $100 $100
Spa Treatment (Protein treatment, Steam, Massage with Essential Oils & Dry Off) $130 $130 $120

Hairdresser Southgate offers hairdressing and beauty services from simple wash & blow wave, full head colour, to complicated half and full head of foils. All the services are offered at a reasonable price and are performed by experts in hair styling and care. We can enhance your personal image with our creativity and attention to detail.

For coloring and protein treatment, we use products of reputed brands. Whether you need hair treatment for a short time or long time, we can customize it for you and offer honest advice once we examine your hair. We at RoopRani have the passion to make people look younger and beautiful.

Hair Services Southbank



60 mins| $90

90 mins | $120

Relaxation massage is a light massage with a range of techniques aimed to increase blood flow and reduce stress, ensuring you are completely relaxed.


60 mins| $100

90 mins | $130

Increases the oxygen flow and releases toxins from the muscles. Also increases circulation without increased heart load, and stretching of ligaments and tendons. It reduces stress, both emotional and physical, and is best as part of a regular program for stress management.


60 mins| $120

Deep Tissue focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. It is designed to reach the individual muscle fibres. Specific strokes are used to manipulate tissues while movement techniques are used to release muscular congestion. It helps to loosen muscle tissues, release toxins and get blood and oxygen circulating. It is both corrective and therapeutic. It is beneficial for sports injuries and chronic pain.

HOT STONE MASSAGE 30 mins | $75

60 mins| $115

Hot stone massage uses hot stones with massage techniques to bring about a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing. The stones are volcanic rocks such as basalt.


Used with hot oils to relieve head and neck pressure. Can be followed with a wash and blow wave.

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EAR CANDLING45 mins | $50

Ear candling is done to help clear and soothe the sinuses.

Are you afflicted with stiff neck, low and upper back pain, stiffness in leg muscle, and sore shoulders? A deep tissue massage by an expert therapist is what you need. If you are staying in Melbourne, CBD, you have a better chance of freeing yourself of those pains. Just step into RoopRani hair and beauty salon and find ranges of massage therapies that can relax you from head to the toe. We have helped hundreds in overcoming pain with our body massage therapies in Melbourne, CBD. Our experts can take care of muscle tension and get back to normal. So why rely on painkillers when RoopRani is for you.

Hands, Feet & Nails


Office Break Manicure 30mins | $35

(Shape, Buff, Cuticle Push, Paint)

Spa Manicure 45mins | $55

(Shape, Buff, Cuticle Work, Scrub, Massage, Paint)

Deluxe Spa Manicure 60mins | $75

(Shape, Buff, Cuticle Work, Scrub, Paraffin Mask, Massage, Paint)


Office Break Pedicure 30mins | $45

(Shape, Buff, Cuticle Push, Paint)

Spa Pedicure 45mins | $65

(Foot Bath, Shape, Buff, Cuticle Work, Rasp, Scrub, Massage, Paint)

Deluxe Spa Pedicure 60mins | $85

(Foot Bath, Shape, Buff, Cuticle Work, Rasp, Scrub, Paraffin Mask, Massage, Paint)


Full Set / Overlay 75mins | $75

Refill 50mins | $50

Rebalance 60mins | $60

Soak off 45mins | $40

*Shellac Polish (added to any of the above services) | $10

Caring for your nails, hands, and feet are one of those activities people are in love always indulge in. The health, color, and shape of the nails don’t just intensify the beauty of your hands but add grace to your style. RoopRani will help you captivate eyes in gatherings with our treatment for your hands, and nails.

Our nail salon in Southgate has numerous manicure and pedicure services. We have contributed a lot in strengthening relationships between couples and have become a beehive for pedicure and manicure in Melbourne, CBD. Come and see yourself what we can do for your love life.

Hands, Feet & Nails Southbank

Our Packages

Our specially tailored packages have been designed to cater for everyone with the most indulgent treatments ensuing complete relaxation!

RELAX & REBALANCE 2.45hrs | $199RELAX & REBALANCE 2.45hrs | $199

(60 minute relaxation massage, 60 minute Bioline Jatò 24/7 facial, Spa Pedicure)


(60 minute relaxation massage, Spa Pedicure, Spa Manicure, Wash & Blow Wave, Party Makeup)

MIND, BODY & SOUL 4hrs | $399

(Detoxifying Mud Wrap, Dead Sea Body Scrub, 60 minute Hot Stone Massage, Indian Head Massage, 60 minute Gold Facial)

Packages Southbank

While aging is inevitable, we can at least try to prolong it with natural therapy. For that, complete wellness of our mind, body, and soul is important. All these vital organs have to work in sync to endure the hardship of our professional lives and maximize our vitality. At RoopRani, we offer massage, detoxifying, and beauty treatments by our skilled estheticians.

Our hair and beauty salon in Melbourne has developed personalized packages that can infuse energy and life into your skin, and every part of your outer and internal body parts. All you have to do is give us a few hours, lie down on a table, and relax listening to your favorite song while you work on improving your appearance and get back to your old-self.

Hair Removal

Unwanted hair on any part of the body is quite embarrassing for us. They just don’t make someone appear ugly, but also devoid them of wearing skirts and bikinis. The only way to get them off is through waxing. However, waxing needs to be carried out gently using the right products that do not cause an adverse effect on the skin. It is a delicate activity that needs experienced hands. Moreover, the operation has to be carried out in a hygienic environment to avoid infection. Rooprani has the experience, patience, best products, as well as a healthy setting whereby you can enjoy the whole process of getting rid of unwanted hair without fearing any pain and infection. Our therapists are trained in offering services for waxing in Melbourne CBD.

At Rooprani, you can receive total beauty and skin care treatment by our cosmetologist. You can build up confidence in just one setting with our professionals and flaunt your midriff, shoulders, legs, and back. Our focus on waxing Melbourne CBD has brought back the smile on several faces. The aromatic products with our gentle techniques and reasonable prices are also more preferred for waxing in Southgate.

So get your confidence back and start flaunting the best in you by stepping into our salon and moving out a different ‘you.’

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

IPL (intense pulsed light), is a form of light therapy used for procedures such as hair removal treatment. Unlike Laser hair removal, which have just one specific wave length emitted from the diode depending on what you’re targeting, IPL has multiple wave lengths (all between 500 and 1200 nanometres) that scatter within the skin

Upper lip | $35

Lower Face | $50

Under Arm | $35

Full Arms | $150

Lower Face | $50

Bikini | $50

Half Leg | $100

Full Leg | $170

Brazilian | $85

Back (incl. Shoulders) | $250

Chest | $150

All first time IPL treatments will require a free consultation to determine the amount of sessions require and an accurate quote will be given to the area specific to treatment.


Eyebrow | $20

Eyebrow &Upper lip | $30

Under Arms | $20

Full Arms | $30

Stomach | $40

Snail Trail | $15

Back | $40

Shoulders | $20

Chest | $30

Bikini | $30

G-String/XXX | $50

Women’s Brazilian | $50

Men’s Brazilian | $75

Half Leg | $30

Full Leg | $48

Full Leg & Bikini | $70

Arms & Under Arms | $45

At Rooprani, you can receive total beauty and skin care treatment by our cosmetologist. You can build up confidence in just one setting with our professionals and flaunt your midriff, shoulders, legs, and back. Our focus on waxing Melbourne CBD has brought back the smile on several faces. The aromatic products with our gentle techniques and reasonable prices are also more preferred for waxing in Southgate.

So get your confidence back and start flaunting the best in you by stepping into our salon and moving out a different ‘you.’

Hair Removal Southbank


In threading, a thin thread is rolled and twisted over unwanted hair, plucking the hair at the follicle level. Opposed to waxing, it provides more precise control in shaping the brow and is much gentler on the skin.

Who doesn’t love to gaze at beautiful eyes. To have others affixed their eyes on you, you have to treat your eyebrows and eyelashes with a beauty therapist. You can give your brows the right shape and thickness to compliment your eyes at RoopRani hair & beauty salon. As a specialist in eyebrow threading in Melbourne, we can assure you that you will not even feel a pinch of pain even though you are trying if for the first time. We will also enhance your beauty by giving you eyelash extension service. Besides threading, you can also have your brows and lashes treated with chemical-free colors. Don’t wait for any special moment to come, and give it a try now.

Eyebrow | $20

Eyebrow & Upper lip | $30

Eyebrow & Forehead | $30

Upper lip | $20

Cheeks | $35

Chin | $20

Eyebrow, Upper lip & Chin | $45

Full Face | $55

Threading Southbank

Lashes & Brows

Full Set Eyelash Extensions | $99

Refill Eyelash Extensions | $50

Must be done no more than 2.5 weeks after full set.

Eyebrow Tinting | $15

Eyelash Tinting | $25

Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting | $35

Eyelash Perming | $75

Spray Tanning

Two hour Tan | $35

Tan & Exfoliate | $55

Are you fed up of showcasing the lily-white midriff whenever you step onto a beach or don the skimpy frocks for a concert? Now give that pale look a goodbye by paying a visit to RoopRani hair & beauty salon. We will save you from tanning your skin in the sun and protect you from harmful UV rays. We have helped hundreds of women with our service of spray tanning in Melbourne.

It is safer, easy, and cost-effective to get the coveted brown skin with us. Once you get the spray tanning done in our salon, you can wear the skin color for a good seven days. Just call us and we will guide you with the preparation for spray tanning.

Spray Tanning Southbank


Makeup Southbank

Our team of highly qualified makeup artists can create a look perfect for any occasion!

Party/Basic Makeup from | $65

Bridal Makeup | $90

One of the compliments we always love to receive is “You look beautiful.” And when it is offered on our wedding day, it causes us to levitate. If the ‘D’ day is imminent and you are craving for appreciation, don’t miss our bridal makeup service at RoopRani. Our makeup salon in Melbourne has glorified several wedding events and we wish to continue it for you as well. When you get the makeup done by our experienced makeup artists, you will not just look radiant, but also compel guests to envision you like an angel walking down the aisle.

Cosmetic Tattoing

Nobody is born with a perfect look. There is something lacking that ruins the whole look of the face. Thanks to the makeup industry, that correcting looks is just a matter of a couple of visits to a beauty salon. If you are tired of plucking and grooming your eyebrows, our mastery in cosmetic tattooing Melbourne CBD will help you get rid of your hectic schedule. RoopRani, a beauty and hair salon can enhance your eyebrows and augment the beauty of your eyes as well as delight others to look at you.

Cosmetic eyebrow tattoo Melbourne offers the best and safe solution to fight losing eyebrows. Our “Eyebrow Feathering and Touch Up” technique will cover any loss of eyebrows and offer a finish that will make impossible to guess whether they are natural hair or have been given an artificial treatment. Our services of eyebrow tattoo Melbourne are defining looks of thousands of women by helping them achieve eyebrows that look and feel natural. Step into our centre or call us and make your eyes bewitching with our cosmetic eyebrow tattoo.

Eyebrow Feathering | $550

Touch Up | $250

*All Cosmetic Tattooing will require a free consultation before treatment.

Cosmetic Tattoing Southbank